The ocean is dramatically reshaping Rottnest, forcing major changes to the WA holiday island

George Rehder

By Rhiannon Shine Posted about an hour agoFri 29 Nov 2019, 6:12am copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 29/11/2019 A short-term glamping eco-resort on Rottnest Island could become a test case for future beachfront developments, as the State Government weighs up whether to push back holiday cottages under threat […]

Claremont serial killings trial hears Bradley Edwards’s first wife reveal fight before Hollywood Hospital attack

George Rehder

By Andrea Mayes Updated about an hour agoThu 28 Nov 2019, 7:19am copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 28/11/2019 The first wife of accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards has appeared as the first witness in his murder trial, testifying about a fight the couple had about getting married […]

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