The first European migration to Australia was the First Fleet consisted of eleven ships:


two men-o-war ships: HMS Sirius, Naval Flagship; HMS Supply, Naval Tender; three store ships: Golden Grove; Borrowdale; Fishburn; six convict ships: Scarborough; Lady Penrhyn; Prince of Wales; Alexander; Charlotte; Friendship; Some Non-Convict First Fleeters and the positions held by them Augustus Alt, Surveyor [1] Thomas Arndell, Assistant Surgeon [2] Henry Lidgbird Ball, […]

Retired Adventurous People


in a EMP situation Chapter 1 Retired Adventurous People, you might say never heard of them but on the other hand you could be one of them. This is the story of Mark and Helen and it starts in the small town of Coolgardie in Western Australia. Coolgardie once upon […]

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