The first European migration to Australia was the First Fleet consisted of eleven ships:

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  • two men-o-war ships:
    • HMS Sirius, Naval Flagship;
    • HMS Supply, Naval Tender;
  • three store ships:
    • Golden Grove;
    • Borrowdale;
    • Fishburn;
  • six convict ships:
    • Scarborough;
    • Lady Penrhyn;
    • Prince of Wales;
    • Alexander;
    • Charlotte;
    • Friendship;

Some Non-Convict First Fleeters and the positions held by them

  • Augustus Alt, Surveyor [1]
  • Thomas Arndell, Assistant Surgeon [2]
  • Henry Lidgbird Ball, captain of Supply [3]
  • William Balmain, assistant surgeon, later principal surgeon [4]
  • Lieutenant William Bradley, author of journal, water colourist [5]
  • Henry Brewer, clerk to Phillip, provost marshall, administrator [6]
  • Ralph Clark, 2nd Lieutenant , author of journal [7]
  • David Collins, Judge Advocate, author, [8]
  • Dennis Considen, assistant surgeon, [9]
  • Lieutenant William Dawes, engineer, surveyor, humanitarian, [10][11]
  • James Furzer, Quarter-Master
  • Henry Hacking, Quartermaster settler, explorer, [12]
  • John Hunter, captain of Sirius, later 2nd governor of the colony, [13][14]
  • Thomas Jamison, surgeon’s mate, [15][16]
  • Richard Johnson, Chaplain, [17]
  • Lieutenant George Johnston, later commander of NSW Corps, [18]
  • Philip Gidley King, 2nd lieutenant, later lieutenant governor of Norfolk Island, and 3rd governor of the colony, [19]
  • John Long, Adjutant
  • Andrew Miller, Commissary
  • John Palmer, Commissary; Purser on Sirius
  • Captain Arthur Phillip of the Navy, Governor and Commander in Chief of the territory of New South Wales, and of his Majesty’s ships and vessels employed on that coast, [20]
  • George Raper, midshipman, notable illustrator, [21]
  • Major Robert Ross, Lieutenant Governor and commander of the marines, [22]
  • Lieut. John Shortland Agent for the Transports, [23]
  • Arthur Bowes Smyth, assistant surgeon, author of journal, [24]
  • Captain Watkin Tench, author, [25]
  • Private William Tunks, farmer, landowner and member of the NSW Corps, [26]
  • John White, Principal Surgeon, [27]
  • George Worgan, Surgeon of the Sirius, [28]
  • Peter Hibbs, crew member of the Sirius[29]
  • Frederick Merideth, Cook/Baker of the Sirius[30]
  • John Gowan, Corporal, Sirius
  • Owen Cavanough, Able Seaman; reportedly the first person to set foot ashore.


Full Convict List with links to known profiles in Wikitree (if you know of more, let me know).

From Barbara Turner, 1992 [31]

Capt. Arthur Phillip, R.N. was commissioned as the first Governor of New South Wales. He set sail on May 13th, 1787 from Portsmouth with 11 vessels. He arrived in N.S.W. with 717 convicts of whom 180 were women, guarded by 191 marines under 19 officers.

Note: The incorrect spellings of some place names is how they appeared in the newspaper. Some of those listed did not arrive in Australia as they either did not embark or died en route

From the “LONDON GAZETTE”, October 1788

CONVICTS TRANSPORTED TO THE NEW COLONY Your Correspondent looks to our Readers and has ascertained as far as possible the names of those who have been convicted of crimes in the Country of England since 1783 and have been sentenced by His Majesty’s Judges to be sent to that part of New Holland known as New South Wales Your Correspondent looks to our Readers for their indulgence to involuntary errors and omissions, and trust general attention will secure us from trespassing on their kindness too often.

Sortable table
NAME   where sentencedTerm
ABEL, Robert [32]London7
ABRAMS, Henry-
ABRAHAMS, Esther [33]London7
ABELL, Mary, alias TilleyWorcester7
ACRES, ThomasExeter7
ADAMS, JohnLondon7
ADAMS, MaryLondon7
AGLEY, RichardWinchester7
ALLEN, JohnHertford7
ALLEN, WilliamOrmskirk7
ALLEN, CharlesLondon7
ALLEN, SusannahLondon7
ALLEN, MaryLondon
ALLEN, Jamasun, alias BoddingtonLondon7
ALLEN, Mary, alias ConnerLondon7
ANDERSON, JohnExeter7
ANDERSON, ElizabethLondon7
ANDERSON, JohnLondon7
ANDERSON, FannyWinchester7
ARCHER, JohnLondon7
ARSCOTT, JohnBodmin7
ATKINSON, GeorgeLondon7
AULT, SarahLondon7
AYNERS, John, alias AgnewLondon7
AYRES, JohnLondon7
BAILS, RobertReadingLife
BANNISTER, George[34]London7
BARTLETT, JamesWinchester7
BARSBY, GeorgeWinchesterLife
BARNETT, Henry, alias Barnard, alias BurtonWarwick7
BARNES, StephenYork7
BARFERD, JohnLondon7
BARLAND, GeorgeLondon7
BALDING, James, alias WilliamLondon7
BASON, Elizabeth, wife of William BasonNew Sarum7
BAYLEY, JamesNew Sarum7
BAZLEY, JohnExeter7
BAKER, ThomasExeter7
BARRETT, ThomasExeterLife
BATLEY, CatenExeter7
BARSBY, SamuelExeter7
BALL, JohnExeter7
BARRY, JohnBristol7
BARRET, Daniel
BARRER, Elizabeth
BALDWIN, Ruth, alias BowyerLondon7
BAKER, MarthaLondon7
BELL, WilliamLondon7
BENEAR, SamuelLondon7
BELLET, JacobLondon7
BEST, John
BECKFORD, ElizabethLondon7
BELLAMY, ThomasWorcester7
BRID, JamesCroydon7
BIRD, SamuelCroydon7
BISHOP, Joseph
BINGHAM, John, alias Boughan
BINGHAM, Elizabeth, alias MooringLondon-
BIRD, Elizabeth, alias WinifredMaidstone7
BLACKHALL, WilliamAbingdon7
BLUNT, WilliamLondon7
BLAKE, FrancisLondon7
BLATHERHORN, WilliamExeterLife
BLOEDWORTH, JamesKingstone7
BLANCHETT, SusannahKingston7
BOND, PeterLondon7
BOYLE, JohnLondon7
BOGGIS, William
BOND, WilliamExeter7
BOND, Mary, wife of John BondWells7
BOULTON, RebeccaLincoln7
BONNER, JaneLondon7
BOLTON, MaryShrewsbury7
BROWN, JamesHertford7
BROWN, WilliamSouthwark7
BRINDLEY, JohnWarwick7
BROWN, RichardReading7
BROUGH, William,Stafford7
BRADLEY, JamesLondon7
BROWN, ThomasLondon7
BRADBURY, WilliamLondon7
BRYANT, ThomasMaidstone7
BRYANT, WilliamLaunceston7
BROWN, ThomasExeter7
BRADFORD, JohnExeter7
BRANNEGAN, JamesExeter7
BRUCE, RobertExeter7
BROWN, WilliamExeter7
BRYANT, JohnExeter7
BREWER, WilliamExeter7
BRICE, WilliamBristol7
BRAND, Curtis
BRYANT, Michael
BRAND, Lucy, alias WoodLondon7
BRANHAM, MaryLondon7
BRUCE, ElizabethLondon7
BURLEIGH, JamesLondon7
BURN, PeterLondon7
BURNE, JamesLondon7
BUTLER, WilliamLondon7
BUCKLEY, JosephDorchester7
BURRIDGE, SamuelDorchester7
BURN, Patrick
BURN, Simon
BUNN, MargaretLondon7
BURKITT, MaryLondon7
BURDO, SarahLondon7
CARVER, JosephMaidstone7
CASTLE, JamesLondon7
CAMPBELL, James, alias GeorgeLondon7
CAMPBELL, JamesGuildford7
CARNEY, JohnExeter7
CARTY, FrancisBodmin7
CAREY, AnnTaunton7
CARTER, Richard, alias Michael CartwrightShrewsbury7
CABLE, Henry, [35]
CARROLL, Mary, wife of James CarrollLondon7
CESAR, JohnMaidstone7
CHIELDS, William
CHADDICK, ThomasLondon7
CHURCH, WilliamDorchester7
CHAAF, WilliamExeter7
CHINERY, SamuelExeter7
CHANIN, EdwardExeter7
CLOUGH, RichardDurham7
CLEMENTS, ThomasLondon7
CLARK, John, alias HosierLondon7
CLARK, WilliamLondon7
CLARKE, JohnExeter7
CLEAVER, MaryBristol7
CLEAR, George
CLARK, Elizabeth
CONNELLY, WilliamBristol7
CORMICK, EdwardHertford7
CORDEN, JamesWarwick7
COLLING, JosephLondon7
COLE, WilliamLondon7
COX, John MatthewLondon7
COLLIER, RichardKingstone7
CONNOLLY, WilliamBodmin7
CONELLY, CorneliusExeter7
COLMAN, IshmaelDorchester7
COFFIN, JohnExeter7
COLE, ElizabethExeter7
CON, JamesExeterLife
COPP, JamesExeter7
COOMBES, Ann, wife of Samuel CoombesTaunton7
COLE, ElizabethLondon7
COLLEY, ElizabethLondon14
COOKE, CharlotteLondon7
COOPER, MaryWorcester7
COLPITTS, AnnDurham7
CROSS, JohnNew Sarum7
CROPPER, JohnLondon7
CROSS, WilliamCoventry7
CREAMER, JohnExeter7
CREEK, JaneLondon7
CUNNINGHAM, EdwardLondon7
CULLEN, James BryenLondon7
CULLYHORN, JohnExeter7
CUDLIP, Jacob, alias NorrisBodmin7
CUSS, John, alias HunsboyNew Sarum7
CUCKOW, William
DAVIS, AaronBristol7
DAY, RichardReading7
DAVIES, EdwardStafford7
DAY, SamuelGlocester14
DAVIS, SamuelGlocester7
DAVIS, William
DAVIS, JamesLondon7
DANIELLS, DanielLondon7
DALEY, JamesLondon7
DAVIDSON, JohnLondon7
DAVIS, WilliamBreconLife
DAVIS, Richard
DALEY, Ann, wife of Gore Daley, alias Ann WarburtonNether Knutsford7
DARNELL, MargaretLondon7
DAVIS, AnnLondon7
DALTON, ElizabethLondon7
DAVIDSON, Rebecca, wife of Robert DavidsonLondon7
DAWSON, MargaretLondon7
DAVIS, FrancesChelmsford14
DAVIES, SarahWorcester7
DAVIES, MaryShrewsbury7
DENNISON, MichaelPoole7
DENISON, BarnabyBristol7
DELANY, Patrick
DICKSON, Thomas, alias Ralph RawDurham7
DISCALL, TimothyBodmin7
DIXON, MaryLondon7
DICKENSON, MarySouthwark7
DOUGLAS, WilliamLincoln7
DOWLAND, FerdinandLondon7
DODDING, James, alias Doring
DRING, William[36]Kingston upon Hull7
DUNNAGE, JosephLondonLife
DUDGENS, Elizabeth
DUNDASS, JaneLondon7
DUTTON, AnnLondon7
DEYER, LeonardSouthwark7
DYKES, MaryLondon7
EARLE, WilliamNew Sarum7
EAGLETON, William, alias BonesKingston7
EATON, Mary, alias Shephard
EARLY, RachelReading7
EATON, Martha
ECCLES, ThomasGuildfordLife
EDMUNDS, WilliamMonmouth7
EDWARDS, William
EGGLESTON, GeorgeMaidstone7
ELLAM, PeterOrmskirk7
ELLIOT, WilliamCroydon7
ELLIOT, JosephCroydon7
ELAM, DeborahChester7
ENGLISH, NicholasLondon7
EVANS, WilliamsShrewsbury7
EVANS, ElizabethLondon7
EVERETT, John, Hertford7
EVERINGHAM, Matthew[37]London7
FARRELL, PhillipLondon7
FARLEY, WilliamBristol7
FARMER, AnnLondon
FENTUM, BenjaminLondon7
FERGUSON, JohnExeter7
FIELD, William
FILLESEY, ThomasBristol7
FINLOW, John, alias Hervey
FIELD, JaneLondon
FITZGERALD, Jane, alias PhillipsLondon7
FITZGERALD, ElizabethLondon7
FLARTY, PhebeLondon7
FLYN, Edward
FORBES, Ann,[38],[39]Kingston7
FORRESTER, Robert[40],[41]London7
FOYLE, WilliamNew Sarum7
FOWKES, FrancisLondon7
FOWLES, AnnLondon7
FOWNES, MargaretShrewsbury7
FRANCIS, WilliamLondon7
FRANCISCO, GeorgeLondon7
FRASER, WilliamManchester7
FRASER, EllenManchester7
FREEMAN, JamesHertford7
FREEMAN, RobertLondon7
FRY, George7
FRYER, Catherine, alias Prior
FULLER, JohnManchester7
GARDNER, FrancisLondon7
GARTH, EdwardLondon7
GARLAND, FrancisExeter7
GARTH, Susannah, alias Grath
GABEL, Mary, Southwark7
GASCOYGNE, OliveWorcester7
GEARING, ThomasOxfordLife
GESS, GeorgeGloucester7
GEORGE, AnneLondon7
GLENTON, ThomasNorthallerton7
GLOSTER, WilliamLondon7
GORDON, DanielWinchester7
GOODWIN, EdwardLondon7
GOULD, JohnExeter7
GRAY, CharlesSouthwark7
GRIFFITHS, Samuel, alias Briscow, alias ButcherGloucester7
GREENWELL, NicholasLondon7
GREEN, JohnReading7
GRIFFITHS, ThomasLondon7
GRANGER, CharlesPlymouth7
GRACE, James
GREEN, Hannah
GROVES, MaryLincoln7
GREEN, MaryLondon7
GREEN, AnnLondon7
GREENWOOD, Mary (?)London7
GUNTER, WilliamBristol7
HANDFORD, JohnWinchester7
HATCHER, JohnWinchester7
HATFIELD, WilliamMaidstone7
HAWKES, RichardReading7
HARRIS, WilliamMaidstone7
HATCH, JohnReading7
HARTLEY, JohnOxford7
HART, JohnStafford7
HAINES, JosephGloucester7
HATHAWAY, HenryGloucester7
HAYES, DennisLondon7
HALL, SamuelLondon7
HARBINE, JosephLondon7
HARPER, JoshuaLondon7
HAYTON, George, alias ClaytonLondon7
HARRISON, JosephLondon7
HART, JohnLondon7
HARRIS, JohnLondonLife
HAYES, JohnGuildford7
HATTOM, Joseph
HAMLIN, WilliamExeter7
HALL, JosephExeterLife
HALL, JohnExeter7
HADON, JohnExeter7
HA?ES, William
HANDY, Cooper
HAYNES, William
HERVEY, Elizabeth
HALL, Margaret
HARRISON, MaryLincoln7
HEADING, JamesChelmsfordLife
HEADINGTON, ThomasAbingdon7
HERBERT, JohnLondon7
HART, CatherineLondon7
HERBERT , JohnExeter7
HANDLAND, Dorothy, alias GrayLondon7
HALL, SarahLondon7
HAMILTON, MariaLondon7
HARRISON, MaryLondon7
HARWOOD, Ester, alias HowardLondon7
HAYWARD, ElizabethLondon7
HALL, ElizabethNewcastle7
HERBERT, Jane, alias Rose, alias Jenny RussellLondon7
HENRY, CatherineLondon7
HILL, JohnMaidstoneLife
HINDLE, OttiwellPreston7
HILL, JohnLondon7
HILL, ThomasLondon7
HILT, WilliamExeterLife
HILL, Thomas7
HIPSLEY, EliabethLondon7
HILL, MaryLondon7
HOLLISTER, JobBristol7
HAWELL, ThomasStafford7
HOLMES, WilliamLondon7
HOLLOWAY, JamesLondon7
HOGG, WilliamLondon14
HOWARD, JohnLondon7
HORTOP, JamesExeter7
HOLLAND, WilliamExeter7
HOLMES, Susannah
HOLLOGIN, ElizabethLondon7
HUGHES, HughSouthwark7
HUMPHREY, EdwardLondon7
HUSBAND, WilliamLondon7
HUGHES, JohnMaidstone7
HUBBARD, William
HUMPHREYS, HenryExeter7
HUGHES, Thomas
HUGHES, Frances AnnLancaster7
HUFFNELL, SusannahWorcester7
HYLIDS, ThomasGuildford7
INETT, AnnWorcester7
INGRAM, BenjaminLondon7
IRVINE, John, alias Aderson, alias LawLincoln7
JACKSON, WilliamDurham7
JACOBS, DavidLondon7
JACOBS, JohnLondon7
JACKSON, HannahBristol7
JAGET, JosephExeter7
JACKSON, Jane, alias Esther RobertsLondon7
JACKSON, MaryLondon7
JEFFRIES, RobertDevizes7
JEFFERIES, JohnMaidstone7
JENKINS, Robert, alias BrownMaidstone7
JEPP, JohnLondon7
JENKINS, WilliamExeter7
JONES, FrancisWinchester7
JONES, ThomasWarwick7
JOHNSON, CharlesManchester7
JONES, EdwardLondon7
JOSEPHS, ThomasLondon7
JOHNSON, WilliamKingston7
JOHNS, StephenLaunceston7
JONES, MargaretLaunceston14
JOHNSON, EdwardDorcester7
JONES, JohnExeter14
JONES, WilliamShewsbury7
JONES, RichardShewsbury7
JONES, ThomasBristol14
JOHNSON, CatherineLondon7
JOHNSON, MaryLondon7
KELLY, ThomasPontefract7
KELLAN, John, alias KeelingLondonLife
KENNEDY, MarthaKingston7
KIDNEY, ThomasBristol7
KILBY, WilliamReading7
KING, JohnLondon7
KILPACK, DavidLondonLife
KIMBERLEY, EdwardCoventry7
KNOWLER, JohnMaidstone7
LANKEY, DavidLondon7
LANE, RichardWinchester7
LAWRELL, JohnBodmin7
LANE, WilliamChelmsford7
LARNE, JamesExeter7
LAMBETH, JohnBristol7
LARA, FloraLondon
LAYCOCK, CarolineLondon
LANGLEY, JaneLondon7
LAWRENCE, MaryLondon7
LEMON, IsaacChelmsford7
LEVY, JosephLondon7
LEARY, JohnWinchester7
LEGG, GeorgeDorchester7
LEARY, JeremiahBristol14
LEGROVE, Stephen
LEE, ElizabethLondon7
LEWIS, SophiaLondon7
LEONARD, ElizabethLondon7
LEVY, AmeliaSouthwark7
LIFT, GeorgeLondonLife
LIMEBURNER, JohnNew Sarum7
LIMPUS, ThomasExeterLife
LIGHTFOOT, SamuelExeter7
LONGSTREET, JosephMarlborough7
LONG, JosephGloucester14
LOCKLEY, JohnLondon7
LONG, MaryLondonLife
LOVE, MaryMaidstone7
LOCK, ElizabethGloucester7
LUCAS, NathanielLondon7
LYNCH, HumphryNew Sarum7
LYNCH, AnnBristol14
LYDE, John
MAY, RichardNew Sarun7
MANSFIELD, JohnChelmsford7
M’LEAN, FrancisGuildford7
M’LEAN, ThomasGuildford7
MATON, ThomasMaidstone7
M’DONNAUGH, JamesMaidstone7
MARINER, WilliamOxford7
MARROTT, JohnGloucester7
M’LAUGHLIN, CharlesDurham7
MACINTIRE, JohnDurham7
MARTIN, JohnLondon7
M’DONALD, AlexanderLondon7
MARNEY, WilliamLondon7
MARSHALL, JosephLondon14
M’LEAN, EdwardMaidstone7
MARTIN, AbrahamNew Sarum7
MARTIN, ThomasExeter7
MARTYN, JamesExeter7
McCORMICK, SarahManchester7
McCORMACK, MaryLiverpool7
MASON, BettyGloucester14
McGRAH, Redman
McDEED, Richard
McNAMAR, William
MARRIOTT, JaneLondon7
MATHER, AnnLondon7
MATHER, MatherLondon7
MASON, Susannah, alias GibbsLondon
McCABE, EleanorLondon7
MARSHALL, MaryLondonLife
MARSHALL, MaryLondon7
MARTIN, AnnSouthwark
MEYNELL, John, alias William RadfordNottingham7
MEECH, Jane, wife of William MeechExeter7
MILTON, CharlesMaidstone7
MIDGLEY, SamuelLancaster7
MIDDLETON, RichardLondon7
MITCHELL, NathanielDorchester7
MILLS, Matthew
MITCHCRAFT, MaryKingston7
MITCHELL, MaryKingston7
MORRIS, PeterBristol7
MOWBRAY, JohnLincoln7
MORGAN, RichardGloucester7
MORRISBY, JohnLondon7
MOORE, WilliamLondon7
MORLEY, JohnLondon7
MOORIN, JohnLondon7
MORGAN, RobertLondon7
MOBBS, SamuelLondon7
MORGAN, WilliamLondon7
MOULD, WilliamGuildford7
MOLLANDS, JohnLaunceston7
MOYLE, EdwardLaunceston7
MOOD, Charles7
MORTIMORE, JohnExeter7
MORLEY, Joseph
MORTON, MaryLondon7
MULLOCK, JesseNew Sarum7
MUNROE, John, alias NurseLondon7
MULLIS, StephenExeter7
MURPHY, JamesExeter, Devon7
MURPHY, WilliamLiverpool7
MULLENS, HannahLondonLife
NEWLAND, JohnLondon7
NETTLETON, RobertKingston upon Hull7
NEAL, JohnLondon7
NEAL, JamesBristol7
NEEDHAM, ElizabethLondon7
NICHOLLS, John[42]London7
NORTON, PhebeLondon7
NUNN, RobertLondon7
O’CRAFT, JohnExeter7
OGDEN, JamesManchester7
OKEY, WilliamGloucester7
OLDFIELD, ThomasManchester7
OLDFIELD, IsabellaManchester7
OPLEY, PeterMaidstone7
ORFORD, ThomasLondon7
OSBORNE, ThomasLondon7
OSBORNE, Elizabeth, alias JonesLondon7
OWLES, JohnCroydon7
OWEN, JohnLondon7
OWEN, JosephShewsbury14
PAGE, PaulLincoln7
PANE, WilliamNottingham7
PARRY, EdwardStafford7
PARR, WilliamLiverpool7
PALMER, John HenryLondon7
PARKER, JohnLondon7
PARISH, WilliamLondon7
PARTRIDGE, RichardLondonLife
PARRIS, PeterExeter7
PARKINSON, Jane, alias Partington, alias Ann MarsdenManchester7
PARKER, ElizabethGloucester7
PARFLEY, AnnLondon7
PARKER, MaryLondon7
PARTRIDGE, Sarah, alias RobertsLondon7
PARRY, SarahLondonLife
PERROT, Edward BearcroftBristol7
PETRIE, JohnLondon7
PEYTON, SamuelLondon7
PERCIVAL, RichardLondon7
PETTITT, JohnLondon7
PEAULET, JamesLondon7
PEET, CharlesLondonLife
PECK, JoshuaExeter7
PERKINS, EdwardPlymouth7
PETHERICK, JohnPlymouth7
PENNY, John7
PHILLIMORE, WilliamLondon7
PHILLIPS, RichardLondon7
PHILLIPS, MaryTaunton7
PHYFIELD, Roger, alias TwyfieldShrewsbury7
PHYN, MaryLondon7
PICKETT, SamuelExeter7
PIGOTT, SamuelExeter7
PINDER, MaryLincoln7
PIPKIN, ElizabethLondon7
PILES, MaryLondon7
POPE, DavidSouthwark7
POWER, JohnLondon7
PONTIE, JohnLondonLife
POOLE, JaneWells7
POWER, William
POWLEY, Elizabeth
POWELL, AnnLondon7
PRICE, JohnSouthwark7
PRIOR, ThomasReading7
PRICE, JamesGloucester7
PUGH, EdwardGloucester7
RANDALL, JohnManchester7
REYMOND, GeorgeLondon7
RAMFEY, JohnKingston7
REPEAT, CharlesWarwick7
READ, WilliamCroydon7
REARDON, BartholomewWinchester7
READ, AnnLondonLife
RISDALE, Thomas, alias CrowderBristolLife
RICHARD, JamesEast Grinstead7
RICHARDSON, JamesMaidstone7
RISBY, EdwardGloucester7
RICHARDSON, WilliamLondon7
RICHARDSON, HardwickeLondon7
RICHARD, DavidLondon7
RICHARDSON, SamuelLondon7
RICKSON, WilliamChelmsford7
RICHARDS, John, alias WilliamsWinchester7
RICHARD, JamesLaunceston7
RICE, JohnExeter7
ROPE, AnthonyChelmsford7
ROGERS, DanielCroydon7
ROBINSON, GeorgeLincoln7
ROGERS, IsaacGloucester14
ROBINSON, ThomasKingston upon Hull7
ROBERTS, JohnLiverpool7
ROBINSON, GeorgeLondon7
ROMAIN, JohnLondon7
ROWE, JohnLaunceston7
ROWE, WilliamLaunceston7
ROBERTS, WilliamBodmin7
ROBINSON, WilliamExeter7
ROACH, HenryExeter7
ROBINS, John, alias MajorExeter7
ROUS, Walton, alias Batley
ROLT, MaryLondon
ROSSON, IsabellaLondon7
RUSSEL, JohnLondon7
RUGLASS, JohnLondonLife
RUSSLER, JohnLondonLife
RUCE, JamesBodmin7
RUTH, RobertExeter7
RYAN, John
SALTMARSH, WilliamKingston7
SANDERSON, ThomasLincoln7
SANDS, WilliamLincoln7
SAMPSON, PeterLondon7
SANDLIN, Ann, alias Lynes, alias PattensLondon7
SCATTERGOOD, RobertStafford7
SCOTT, ElizabethLondon7
SELSHIRE, SamuelLondon7
SEYMOUR, JohnSherborne7
SHEARMAN, WilliamReading7
SHAW, JosephStafford7
SHEPHERD, RobertDurham7
SHARPE, GeorgeDurham7
SHORE, WilliamLancaster7
SHEERS, JamesLondonLife
SLATER, SarahLondon7
SMALL, JohnExeter7
SMART, RichardGloucester7
SMART, DanielGloucester7
SMITH, ThomasLancaster7
SMITH, WilliamLiverpool7
SMITH, EdwardLondon7
SMITH, WilliamLondon7
SMITH, Thomas, alias HaynesLondon7
SMITH, JamesLondon7
SMITH, JohnGuildford7
SMITH, WilliamBodmin1
SMITH, Ann, wife of John SmithWinchester7
SMITH, HannahWinchester7
SMITH, WilliamDorchester7
SMITH, EdwardExeter7
SMITH, JohnExeter7
SMITH, AnnLondon7
SMITH, CatherineLondon7
SMITH, AnnLondon7
SMITH, CatherineLondon7
SMITH, MaryLondon7
SNALEHAM, WilliamLondon7
SPENCER, DanielDorchester14
SPENCER, John, alias Pearce
SPENCE, MaryWigan5
SPRIGMORE, CharlotteLondon7
SPRINGHAM, MaryLondon7
SQUIRES, James[43]Kingston7
STANLEY, WilliamNew Sarum7
STRONG, JamesDorchester7
STOW, JamesLincoln7
STONE, MartinWarwick7
STOKEE, JohnDurham7
STONE, CharlesLondon7
STONE, HenryLondon7
STOGDELL, JohnLondon14
STUART, JamesLondon7
STANTON, Thomas, alias EbdenLaunceston7
STEPHENS, John MorrisDorchester7
STEWART, MargaretExeter7
STRECH, ThomasShrewsbury7
SUMMERS, JohnGloucester7
TAYLOR, JoshuaManchester7
TAYLOR, SarahKingston7
TENANT, Thomas Hilton, alias Phillip DivineChelmsford7
TEAGUE, CorneliusBodmin7
TENCHALL, James, alias Tenninghill
THACKERY, Elizabeth [44]Manchester7
THOMPSON, WilliamDurham7
THOMAS, JamesLondon7
THOMPSON, JamesLondon7
THOMAS, JamesLondon7
THOMAS, JohnLondon7
THOMPSON, WilliamLondon7
THOMAS, ElizabethWigan7
THORNTON, AnnLondon7
TILLEY, ThomasStafford7
TILL, ThomasLondon7
TODD, NicholasLondon7
TROTTER, JosephMaidstone7
TRACE, JohnExeter7
TRIPPETT, SusannahLondon7
TUCKER, MosesPlymouth7
TUNMINS, ThomasWarwick7
TURNER, RalphManchester7
TURNER, Thomas
TURNER, MaryWorcester7
TUSO, JosephLondonLife
TWYFIELD, Ann, since said to be married to William Dawley, a convictShrewsbury7
TWYNEHAM, WilliamReading7
TYRRELL, WilliamWinchester7
VANDELL, EdwardEast Grinstead7
VICKERY, WilliamExeter7
VINCENT, HenryLondon7
UNDERWOOD, JamesNew Sarum14
USHER, JohnMaidstone7
WADDICOMB, RichardExeter7
WADE, Mary, alias CacklaneLondon14
WAGER, BenjaminLondon7
WAINWRIGHT, Ellen, alias Esther EcclesPreston7
WALL, WilliamOxford7
WARD, AnnLondon7
WARD, JohnLowth7
WARE, Charlotte
WALSH, WilliamLondon7
WALKER, JohnLondon7
WALBOURNE, JamesLondon7
WATERHOUSE, WilliamKingston7
WATSAN, JohnMaidstone7
WATSON, ThomasExeter7
WELCH, JamesMaidstone7
WELCH, JohnDurham7
WEST, BenjaminLondon7
WESTWOOD, JohnLondon7
WELCH, JohnLondonLife
WELSH, JohnLondon7
WESTLALE, EdwardExeter7
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WOOD, Mark
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