A look into my life


Being a Swaggie and a Cane Cutter in Australia. All my life I have travelled there is nothing more exciting than seeing New Places and Meeting New People. Making Friend sometimes only for a short time in exceptional Cases for a Life-time. I like to mention some of the Places […]

Monica & I part 2


There was a blistering wind blowing in from the see. Monica and I after spending a hard day on our catamaran decided that we would go out for dinner and maybe go and see a movie. We had the catamaran near Sarina Beach in a small cove. People always assume […]

My first Marriage.


By Jϋrgen D Schildmann Yeh, I remember some of it. You might say it was doomed from the start. We were both the same age, 19 years old; she was 2 months younger than me. We first met in a milk bar in Wood St  Mackay, North Queensland. Her name […]

A Window into my Life

jigalong888 1

If History was taught in the form of Stories, it would never be forgotten I love a sunburnt country,A land of sweeping plains,Of ragged mountain ranges,Of droughts and flooding rains.I love her far horizons,I love her jewel-sea,Her beauty and her terror –The wide brown land for me! My Country That […]

My first Job – Apple Orchard


So we got back to Armidale and we decided this was it. We stay here and find work. It was getting late and Wally said; why don’t we spend the night sleeping in the Park. We still had money, but why not, it was a nice night and we didn’t […]

Monica and I


This Story starts in Bucasia near Mackay, Queensland. I own 5 acres of land here and it goes right down to the Beach. On it is a 2 story house made from corrugated Iron. Here I live with my girlfriend Monica. We met 3 months ago in Mackay at Mitchelmore’s […]

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