Immigrants to Australia

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Since the First Fleet dropped anchor in 1788, close to 10 million settlers have moved from across the world to start a new life in Australia. They have arrived in waves, encouraged by developments like the 1850s gold rushes, or to escape adverse conditions at home such as the Industrial […]


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                Between 1788 – 1886 158,830 convicts from England and Ireland            were transported and landed in the Australian Colonies –            134,262 males and 24,568 females. Some 2,911 died on the way.            […]

Dutch East India Company


Copied, edited & compiled by George W Rehder Dutch East India Company / United East India Company Company logo Company flag Native name Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (popular name)Generale Vereenichde Geoctrooieerde Compagnie (original name)Vereenigde Nederlandsche Geoctroyeerde Oostindische Compagnie (formal name) Former type Publicly traded company Industry Proto-conglomerate[b] Fate Dissolved Predecessor Voorcompagnieën/Pre-companies (1594–1602) Founded 20 March 1602, by […]

Second Fleet to Australia, 1790


A second fleet of six ships left England – Guardian, Justinian, Lady Juliana, Surprize, Neptune, Scarborough. The Guardian struck ice, and was unable to complete the voyage. She was stocked with provisions. Only 48 people died in the first group of ships, but this time 278 died during the voyage. […]

The first European migration to Australia was the First Fleet consisted of eleven ships:

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two men-o-war ships: HMS Sirius, Naval Flagship; HMS Supply, Naval Tender; three store ships: Golden Grove; Borrowdale; Fishburn; six convict ships: Scarborough; Lady Penrhyn; Prince of Wales; Alexander; Charlotte; Friendship; Some Non-Convict First Fleeters and the positions held by them Augustus Alt, Surveyor [1] Thomas Arndell, Assistant Surgeon [2] Henry Lidgbird Ball, […]

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