Island-hopping study shows the most likely route the first people took to Australia

George Rehder

The view from Indonesia’s Rote Island towards Australia. Island-hopping study shows the most likely route the first people took to Australia The First Australians were among the world’s earliest great ocean explorers, undertaking a remarkable 2,000km maritime migration through Indonesia which led to the discovery of Australia at least 65,000 years […]

The discovery sent shockwaves through archaeology but the remains of Mungo Man still hold secrets of First Australians

George Rehder

AT A time when Europe was largely populated by Neanderthals, there was an ancient culture of far more sophistication Down Under. Michael Westaway and Arthur Durband, The Conversation Artefacts from Kakadu site reveal new details about the First Australians Skeleton of an Aboriginal man dug up in Lake Mungo in […]

Were The Chinese The First To Discover Australia?

George Rehder

By Rex Gilroy Australasian Post, May 1, 1986 Chinese Discoverers Aboriginal paintings depict Chinese junks…Ancient Chinese writings describing apparent Kangaroo’s. These facts are just part of the evidence suggesting “accepted” theories on the discovery of Australia could well be wide of the mark. Were the Dutch explorers really the first […]

Wet cough rate among Indigenous kids in WA’s Kimberley high, but study yields positive signs

George Rehder

ABC Kimberley By Chris Meldrum Updated 19 minutes agoMon 9 Dec 2019,  copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 09/12/2019 A study has found a high prevalence of chronic wet cough in Aboriginal children in four remote communities in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Key points More than 200 Aboriginal children […]

Black War

George Rehder 1

Black War Part of the Australian frontier wars An 1838 painting by Benjamin Duterrau of a Tasmanian Aboriginal throwing a spear Date mid-1820s–1832 Location Tasmania Result British control of Tasmania Belligerents British Empire Indigenous Australians Casualties and losses Dead: 219 Wounded: 218 Total: 437 600–900 dead The Black War was […]

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