Australia Day: January 26 marks a massacre in NSW. Will a cement plaque really help?

George Rehder

By national Indigenous affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins and the Specialist Reporting Team’s Sarah Collard Posted 20 minutes agoSat 25 Jan 2020, Copied, edited & compiled by GW Rehder 25/01/2020 Nearly two centuries after dozens of Aboriginal people were brutally killed in north-west New South Wales, there are plans to recognise […]

Lower interest rates, a slight growth pick-up, risks to the downside: where economists see Australia in 2020

George Rehder

By business reporter Stephanie Chalmers Posted about an hour agoMon 23 Dec 2019, Copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 23/12/2019 This year was one many would like to forget when it comes to Australia’s economy. Economic growth slowed as households used extra income from tax and interest rate cuts […]

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