Reach (Flash fiction)

George Rehder

Time thawed and the ageing process gained pace making it harder for me to catch up. From my mothers flimsy pedestal, looking back at the thirty-six years of failure, each failure a footprint leading directly to where I now stand. Things were better when I was still numb. Or before I’d tried. […]

Watch Live

George Rehder

  Driver caught with sofas and chairs strapped to car roof The furniture was wedged into the car above and below the open car boot, secured with only a few straps. Thursday 10 October 2019 17:07, UK Glasgow   Police have shared a photo of a car they stopped in […]

Another Feel Good Moment

George Rehder

by Dan Antion the coffee table has found its new home. About a year and a half ago, I was finishing work on a new coffee table for my office. Earlier this year, I shared some pictures of the finished table for Jesh’s “Made from Trees” prompt. Both posts prompted […]

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