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There are a few editor men with whom I am privileged to come in contact. It has not been long since it was their habit to come in contact with me. There is a difference. They tell me that with a large number of the manuscripts that are submitted to […]

Reach (Flash fiction)

George Rehder 1

Time thawed and the ageing process gained pace making it harder for me to catch up. From my mothers flimsy pedestal, looking back at the thirty-six years of failure, each failure a footprint leading directly to where I now stand. Things were better when I was still numb. Or before I’d tried. […]

Things that can happen to you!

George Rehder 1

by Jurgen D Schildmann My Wife and I had gone shopping at Newman. For us it was the closes place to do our shopping as we were working at Jigalong Aboriginal Community. It had been raining continuously for weeks and all the Roads were closed to all traffic by the […]


George Rehder

I like to tell you a story (a true Story} that happened many years ago We just moved into a House that was supplied by the Government. From the Caravan Park where I had been the Manager. Anyway it was a nice house and big enough for the 5 of […]

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