This accused sex offender has been on the run for nine years, so why doesn’t anyone know it?

George Rehder

ABC Kimberley By Erin Parke Updated about an hour agoSun 16 Feb 2020, Edited, Compiled & Copied by George W Rehder 16/02/2020 Charles Batham is the aristocratic-sounding Brit who became a fixture in the tropical Western Australian tourist town of Broome and has been described as creepy, charming, and eccentric. […]

Wet cough rate among Indigenous kids in WA’s Kimberley high, but study yields positive signs

George Rehder

ABC Kimberley By Chris Meldrum Updated 19 minutes agoMon 9 Dec 2019,  copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 09/12/2019 A study has found a high prevalence of chronic wet cough in Aboriginal children in four remote communities in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Key points More than 200 Aboriginal children […]

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