Gold Discoveries Western Australia!

George Rehder

  From reading the historical literature it seems clear that the existence of gold in the state was known well before any of the official discoveries were announced. The information seems to have been deliberately suppressed by the government due to fears that people would abandon their usual employment and […]

Australian Mining History

George Rehder

Mining in Australia probably started with the arrival of Aborigines some 40,000 years ago when they fossicked for stones suitable for tools and weapons, and dug for ochre which they used for decorative use. “Modern” Australian mining followed the arrival of European settlers on the eastern seaboard in 1788, with […]


George Rehder

Copied and compiled by JD Schildmann with the help of the Staff at the “Kalgoorlie Miner”          Western Argus 18-5-26          Search continued Wednesday morning.          Pitman  and  Walsh missing since evening Tuesday 27 May 1926.          10 am arrived Millars Find  approximately  6-7  miles  along          Coolgardie  Road  and […]

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