Australia Day: January 26 marks a massacre in NSW. Will a cement plaque really help?

George Rehder

By national Indigenous affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins and the Specialist Reporting Team’s Sarah Collard Posted 20 minutes agoSat 25 Jan 2020, Copied, edited & compiled by GW Rehder 25/01/2020 Nearly two centuries after dozens of Aboriginal people were brutally killed in north-west New South Wales, there are plans to recognise […]

WA’s native Christmas tree puts traditional pine variety well and truly in the shade

George Rehder

ABC Great Southern By Ellie Honeybone and Tom Edwards Posted about an hour agoTue 24 Dec 2019, Copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 24/12/2019 Every year, the Nuytsia floribunda, or ‘Aussie Christmas tree’ as it is commonly known, bursts into bright orange life each December. Key points: The unique […]

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