Australia Day: January 26 marks a massacre in NSW. Will a cement plaque really help?

George Rehder

By national Indigenous affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins and the Specialist Reporting Team’s Sarah Collard Posted 20 minutes agoSat 25 Jan 2020, Copied, edited & compiled by GW Rehder 25/01/2020 Nearly two centuries after dozens of Aboriginal people were brutally killed in north-west New South Wales, there are plans to recognise […]

Bushfires cut off food supplies to NSW South Coast towns just as Alice needs to feed her full house

George Rehder

By Jonathan Hair and Tim Swanston Posted 30 minutes agoMon 6 Jan 2020, Copied, edited & compiled by JD Schildmann 06/01/2020 It has been chaos in Alice Patten’s house in her South Coast home since bushfires started impacting the region on New Years Eve. She opened the doors of her […]

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