Why do men miss the toilet? When standing to pee, why are so many men bad at “hitting the target” and not covering the floor in splashes, dribbles and run off?

George Rehder

Copied, compiled & edited by George W Rehder 22/04/2020

  • Your mother gave you a roar when she is cleaning bathroom.
  • When your girlfriend is sitting on the toilet, she suddenly feels that some part of her ass is cool, then she makes a howl…

what’s happening?

↓↓↓ I believe that many male compatriots have got a scolding because of this problem, aren’t they?

“Why did you get your urine outside the toilet again !!!”

Today, I will provide an explanation to defend you:

First of all, it is really difficult for a boy to put all his urine into the toilet accurately.

When he chose to urinate in an upright position, whether he is lightly pinches or slowly pressing, it is hard to fall into it perfectly.

There are 3 reasons as follows:

1. Physical reasons: the essence of urine is parabolic movement

“The trajectory of peeing” is a perfect parabola. Let us use the “physics we learned in middle school” to build a simple coordinate system:

The middle section d is the “radiation range of your pee”. It is affected by two key indicators of “Height h” and “Horizontal initial velocity v:”.

Height h

Chinese basketball player Yao Ming has a famous saying: “The higher you standing, the farther you peeing.”

This h is equal to the height of the crotch, which is relatively fixed. So for people who got taller, the d value is greater.

Horizontal initial velocity v:

Japan’s Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital, once measured “the speed of urine”

Normal case

The rate of change in urine is fast and can reach 40 ml/sec.

This means that when you have just urinated, your pee can accelerate to a high speed. It will directly exceeding the upper limit of the toilet before you knew and reacted from it.

In theory, you can adjust the angle of the dick at any time to keep the horizontal speed of the urine at a relatively stable value.

But in fact, this is difficult in practice. Let me use a “water gun” to simulate a dick and use “Coke” instead of urine:

There are still a lot of “urine” spread to the periphery…

“Urine into the toilet” tests the abilities of a man:

  • Eyesight – aiming;
  • Focus – you can’t play with your phone or glance all around while you are peeing;
  • Perception of the urinary tract on “Urine Velocity”;
  • The mastery of “Parabolic Movement Knowledge”;

Even if you are a “slam dunk”, your hit rate is not necessarily high.

2. You may be in “Special Moment”

Some special “physiological periods” also affect the accuracy of urine.

Every morning, boy will have a morning wood. Their urine will be more difficult than usual – its water column will shoot more than one meter high and then fall.

Want to fall into the toilet accurately? It’s more difficult than shooting with closed eyes ▼

3. health reasons: You may be sick

Parabolic Movement can explain why some urine fall onto the Y-axis of the toilet.

But sometimes, there is urine in the X-axis direction.

This is because some boys’ urine is not all one way forward, but “double-headed dragon.”

If this happens frequently, you have to pay attention to it.

Urine bifurcation may be due to the urethra becoming narrower, the common cause is “prostatic hyperplasia” or other diseases.

In addition, other diseases, such as Peyronie’s disease, cause penile bifurcation, which will not cause urinary flow diversion, but will also cause peeing shoot off aside.

(The narrowing of the urethra, in addition to causing bifurcation of the urinary flow, can also cause the flow of urine to slow down or even slow down to vertical drip. If your urine is unable to do as well as you would wish, please pay attention.)

4. Even if you can shoot with accuracy, you can’t stop the splash of small urine drops.

Even if you can “precisely control the parabola” and there is no problem with “urinary flow bifurcation”, nor does it mean that you can pour urine into the toilet without a drop. Because even if they are accurately shot into the toilet, the urine will spill more or less out of the toilet.

In a Japanese TV program, “simulated urine” pee in various parts of the toilet, then finally statistics “How many drops of urine splashed”:

It turns out that when the urine falls on the back wall of the toilet, as many as 7550 drops can be splashed!

5. The final step of peeing is the most difficult to grasp.

After he finished his urine, there will be some “residual urine” on his dick.

Because some of them lose their initial velocity, they will drip vertically. If he is not close enough to the urinary pool, it will fall here.

For the other part, he is likely to shake the “residual urine hanging from the urethra” off.

Most of this irregular shaking will scatter the urine droplets everywhere:

  • In the toilet
  • Outside the toilet;
  • On the shoes;
  • On the trousers;


Of course, although it is difficult to accurately urinate into the toilet, there is some way to solve it.

5.1 If your urinary tract is bifurcated, go to Urology for an examination;

5.2 Some methods allow you to fundamentally “control the path of urine”:

You can lower h: Although Leg Length is natural, you can artificially lower the height difference between your dick and pit.

If you can choose: urinal > toilet > latrine pit. (Obviously the urinal is the best choice.)

If you only have a toilet but no urinal, you can lower its height difference.

This is a bit indecent, so the best way is to sit down.

When you sit down, you can play the phone with your right hand and hold your water gun down with your left hand (of course you can also keep your dick under with your legs together). But the “splash range” of urine is big. If your urine is too strong, it will bounce on your ass.

In fact, it is not uncommon for men to sit on urination. In Japan, 30% of men are sitting and peeing.

Many boys can’t accept “sitting pee”, then there is no way.

If you are living alone, it doesn’t matter whether the urine is accurate or not.

But if you live with people, you still need to take care of others’ feelings — If you think that “standing peeing is the last dignity of men”, then at least, after the urine is finished, wipe the urine drops as you go out:

If this is not possible for you, it is recommended to go out to the public toilet to pee.

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